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Jul 12, 2011 7:00pm PDT
this big high pressure system covering japan. so we're looking at intense sunshine again. but with the heat of the day, we'll certainly be seeing some sporadic afternoon showers. across china, showery weather for northeastern china, and then we've got this very long seasonal rain band affecting the korean peninsula. could get quite intense for you again, north korea as well as jiangsu and an hui, as much as 100 millimeters. flooding is going to be a big, big concern as it has been raining for days. then down towards the southern end of china it remains fairly unsettled. in and around guanxie, hainan island, plenty of showers to be had across indo china as well. 25 degrees in chongqing today. seoul 25, another rapy day. and tokyo is going to be hot and steamy at 32. now we head into north america. very long frontal system impacting north america. today we've got lots of showers developing here across the lower midwest, the plains states up towards the northern rockies. particularly severe near this low pressure system from montana and across illinois as well. significant rain to be found fro
Jul 25, 2011 5:00pm PDT
is going to be a big concern here as well as strong winds anhigh waves along the east coast. in terms of temperatures, it stays hot in china. shanghai reaches 37 degrees. very hot indeed. for the americas looking unsettled down in the southeastern corner here. watch out for the drenching thunderstorms picking up the energy from the gulf of mexico. couple of severe areas to watch out across the northern in the northeastern corner of the u.s. and canada. then behind the tail end of this frontal system, this low pressure moving over montana. northern plains, look out for the strong thunderstorms. looking showery down in the southwestern corner as well as western mexico. here temperatures stay very, very hot in the central and the southern portions of the u.s. 40 degrees in oklahoma city. 34 in denver. and 31 in chicago. now we take a look at europe. it remains very thundery and wet out towards the east. especially for the balkans dealing with that widespread rain and thunderstorms. this system is going to be making its way in a northeasterly direction. much of eastern europe looking unse
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2